about_02Rachel Baranes,
Has been working successfully for years helping troubled girls.
With love and guidance from the Rebbitzin the women are nurtured back to life.

Rebbizen Baranes is the mother these girls never had. She meets them on their own turf-in the streets.The girls are welcomed in the hostel with love and warmth, and most will go on to marry a nice Jewish boy. Rebbizen Baranes has married off hundreds of women over the years.


about_04Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer

Is the  Chief Rabbi of the town Mitzpeh Yericho. He over sees the activities of the Shelter. gives classes and consoling to the women





about_03“The Magician”
One of the consoles of the shelter.  He hits the streets every day to find Jewish women who are involved with Arabs.  He works his magic to bring  the daughters of Israel back to their people.





about_01Ron Niman– Director
The head of the non-profit organization “Chasdei Meir/Charity of Light fund”. Is personally involved with the daily affairs and running of the shelter





about_05Levi Chazen
English director of the women’s shelter has been working tirelessly for the past few years lecturing and raising awareness of the problem of assimilation in Israel. You can reach him for dedications and donations to the shelter and to take part of this great mitzvah. 972-52-3003293