The Story of A Rescue at Work

The phone rang late at night at the office of our 24-hour hotline for the women’s shelter one
particular evening a few months ago. On the line was a young girl talking in a whisper and crying out for help for her sister, who had run into difficulty with an Arab.

She told us about her sister, who was educated and graduated from a religious high school sometime ago, and has gone to work in a factory which prints shirts in order to help out economically at home.

After working there a few months, her family started to see a change overtake her. She stopped eating and came home at all hours of the night, telling her parents she was by friends. A short time later, her brother, who learns in one of the local yeshivot in the area, came running home and told his bewildered parents that he had seen his sister in a car with an Arab who also works in the factory. Her father was beside himself, and her mother said that there must be some mistake.

But there was no mistake. After investigating the matter it turned out that the girl – from a good home – was going out with the Arab worker. Once we received the information, we had our own people investigate the matter and found that the girl was now living with the Arab in one of the villages.
After many attempts, we finally were able to contact the girl, and she told us that she was indeed being held in a village and was locked in a room. As in so many of these cases, we find that once the girl is taken to the village, the good times end rather quickly and the abuse begins.

With this information, our rescue team took over and went to work. Understandably, we cannot describe too many of the rescue details, but we can say that the team entered the village, and after studying the area, the rescue began. All went well at first, and the girl was rescued and brought to our command car without a hitch. But it was only when we started to leave the area that tens of youths realizing what was happening, started to flood the streets, and our path was closed off.

But without missing a beat, our command car went into 4×4 wheel drive and drove down a flight of stairs, leaving behind the bewildered Arabs without leaving a trace. And so, another daughter of Israel was saved.