Rebbitzen Baranes

Living with the women in the hostel, is Rebbitzin Rachel Baranes, who has been working about_02successfully for years helping troubled girls. With love and guidance from the Rebbitzin the women are nurtured back to life.

Rebbizen Baranes is the mother most of these girls never had. Meeting them on their own turf-in the streets, the girls are welcomed in the hostel with love and warmth. Most will go on to marry a nice Jewish boy who will play

Rebbizen Baranes has married off hundreds of women over the years to her merit. The need is great, not a day goes by without a call from a local Rabbi or a worried mother to the Rebbitzin to please take in an other girl.

From all over the country comes the cries but with nowhere to place them, they remain on the streets. If only we had more room to place these young women in the hostel and give them a chance at life.