The Story Of…

The Story of Sarah
He told me his name was Nati and that he was 26 years old. He told me that he wanted to go learn in yeshiva and strengthen himself. I was, at the time, 21 years old.  Read More


The Story of Rivka
I was born and raised in the city of Ramle. A few years back my parents became “baalei tshuva”,returning to their Jewish and religious roots. We started to become observant. Even though now I was going to a religious school, I still kept in touch with some of my former friends. Read More


The Story of Fatma
Fatma grew up in an Arab village in the Galilee. For the first 18 years of her life, she had no ideashe was Jewish. Then one day, her mother gathered up her courage and told Fatma her story. Read More


The Story of A Rescue at Work
The phone rang late at night at the office of our 24-hour hotline for the women’s shelter one particular evening a few months ago. On the line was a young girl talking in a whisper and crying out for help for her sister, who had run into difficulty with an Arab.   Read More