How to Calibrating a laptop battery: Step by Step Procedure

Calibrating gaming laptops under 600 dollar battery could enhance or restore its performance. This should be performed just before first use, and again whenever you notice battery performance decreasing. Calibrating a battery experiencing decreased performance is best on nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. You can still adjust a lithium ion (li-ion) battery, although the approach is just a bit different. Calibrating requires draining and recharging the battery. This process can be known as health.
If you’re getting care from the laptop’s battery, you should be allowing it to discharge significantly before pushing it in and topping it off. You shouldn’t be enabling your laptop’s battery to die entirely if not get extremely low every time you use it. Performing regular top can extend your battery’s life.

However, this kind of conduct could confuse the laptop’s battery meter. No matter how you care for the battery, its ability can still reduce as a result of inevitable factors like common usage, age, and heat. If the battery isn’t permitted to work from 100% down to 0% sometimes, the battery’s power meter won’t know how much juice is in fact within the battery.

More about Ni-MH and NiCad Batteries


  • Eliminate the AC adapter from your laptop by gently pulling it out.
  • Power on your laptop. Allow it to run on battery power before the battery is drained and the laptop shuts down.
  • Plug the AC adapter into an electric outlet. Place the correct end to the your laptop.
  • Leave the AC adapter connected to the laptop for seven hours to completely charge the battery. Don’t use the laptop during this period.
  • Take away the AC adapter, change the laptop on and permit the computer to operate on battery power until the battery is cleared. Continue this procedure before the battery has been cleared and recharged less than six times.

Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Remove the AC adapter in the laptop.
  • Turn on the laptop. Let it operate on battery power before battery is cleared to 40 percent of capacity. Hover your mouse on the battery symbol inside the lower right place of your toolbar.
  • This will show just how much living the battery still possesses.
  • Eliminate the battery from the laptop. The battery is located on the bottom of the computer. Slide the locking mechanism to the side to discover or release the battery.
  • Once released, the battery can often slide out or can be raised out of the bay. Store the battery before you are willing to use it.
  • Place the battery back into the battery bay when you’re prepared to use it.
  • Plug the AC adapter to the area of the laptop. Permit the adapter to completely charge the battery just before use.

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